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I create a perceptive testimony.

Hello. :D

My name is Thea van Diepen, and I am in love with language. Linguists would say that any system of arbitrarily assigned symbols of meaning governed by rules that allow for infinite creativity is a language, but my use of the word is a bit fuzzier than that (also, is that definition a mouthful or what?).

This fascination comes when units of nearly any kind are governed by rules allowing for infinite creativity in a deeply meaningful way. It’s more subjective a description than a scientist would feel comfortable with, but since when were objective things the only things that were important?

(Since never, that’s when.)

Put simply, I am in love with music, with the ebb and flow of notes and rests, the intricacies of rhythm, tempo, and timbre. I am in love with poetry, the condensed written word, conveyed in both sound and form. I am, paradoxically, I know, in love with math, with the precision of patterns and quantification of uncertainty.

But most of all languages, I am in love with story. With the ordering of events such that, by the end, you see the world in a whole new way. With characters so real that you walk into the pages and forget you’re reading them because you’re so busy living them. With places and things never before encountered, and which enrich you every time you experience them.

Thus, I write.

I was born in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada and, except for a brief three-year interlude in Alabama, I’ve spent my life in it and its general vicinity. I love my country very much.

Some important things to know about me include:

  1. I truly believe that there is unique value in every single person on the planet, past, present, future. Yes, that absolutely includes you.
  2. Listening is, as far as I’m concerned, the best way to learn.
  3. A Wrinkle in Time is the best book in all existence. I will fight you on this.

My current occupational hazards include studying, writing papers, and falling books. The former two are due to this being my final year of a Bachelor of Arts degree, majoring in psychology (all the better to create characters with, my dear), and minoring in linguistics. The latter comes from my job in one of those magical places known as libraries. :) In my spare time, I read, write music, play video games, and attempt to get a myrtle back into a flowering mood. So far, I’ve managed to give it a sunburn.

But back to stories: I believe they should take us outside of ourselves. They teach, guide, and comfort. They help us to imagine a different, hopefully better world, and they help us to believe that that better world is possible. At the least, they tug at our hearts and we live with the characters in the pages. At the most, they are kindling for the fires of our inspiration.

Stories have taught me empathy, have encouraged me when hope was faint or dying, and have provided hours of utter delight.

All in all, it’s a delight to see you here, and I look forward to getting to know you better. :D