Anime Your Characters: The ‘These Other Doors’ Edition (part 3 of 3)

So, like I said in part one and part two, this story won’t appear in its entirety in These Other Doors. It’ll be teased at the end, if I still want to do a team up thing with the main character here and some (or all) of the main characters from the other stories.

In other words, they’re all probably going to be part of the same universe. So this story goes here.

Ghost Girl (code name)

This story is intended to fit in the superhero genre. Well. It’ll fit just about as well as any of my stories fit in genres. :P It’s about a young woman with several inhuman abilities who has to defend her family and her town against a vampire who’s come in, determined to wreak havoc.

The only thing is that the main character’s family isn’t her family -they only think they are- and the vampire is someone the main character knows. After all, the reason she’s in that town is because she and the vampire made an agreement a long time ago…

The Protagonist

Ghost Girl MC

The main character doesn’t have a name yet, but I have a rough idea of what her abilities will be. Barring any changes I might make, she’ll be able to go through solid objects at will, turn herself varying degrees of invisible, and either fly or float. She’ll also have some kind of rather interesting ability involving changing people’s memories. Either that or there’ll be someone else she knows who does.

The Antagonist

Ghost Girl Antag

“Oops, did I just eat someone you cared about?”

So, yes. The antagonist is a vampire. I’m still not sure what’s up with her, except that the reason she’s coming in and messing with stuff is because she feels like the main character owes her something, and she’s not going to stop until she gets it.

And that’s it!

If the team up story happens, it’ll take place after Ghost Girl. It’ll probably happen. I still think it’s a really cool idea. Anyways, if it does happen, I’ll likely include all the main characters from These Other Doors. At the very least, Minerva and Arcady are going to be there. But, like I said, I kind of want all of them there. Which will be a lot, and I have no idea how it would work or who/what’d they be up against, but it has the potential to be a thing.

So there you go. :D


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