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Behold the Crossing the Veil Storybundle (including The Illuminated Heart!)

I’m excited to inform you that The Illuminated Heart is in the Crossing the Veil Storybundle! If you haven’t heard of Storybundle before, it’s a fantastic way to get a curated set of books at whatever price point you think it’s worth (or can afford!), while supporting authors and, if you want, charity as well. Crossing the Veil, curated by Rhonda Parrish, is a bundle of books about psychopomps- a being who guides souls from the world of the living to

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Sneak Peek at New Fiction Coming for Subscribers!

Hello! If you haven’t signed up to my short fiction subscription yet, you’ll want to before June 1st.  Why? Because the next set of short fiction for subscribers contains not one but two stories and a poem! And one of those stories? Quite literally introduces a new world I’ve not previously published anything in. But I promised you a sneak peek. So let’s get to that 😁 Sneak Peek #1 There was once a cat who sat under a cherry tree in bloom, contemplating the flowers. “Do

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New Author Store and Monthly Short Fiction Subscription!

*waves excitedly* Hiiiiiii there are new things on the site! As of today, you’ll be able to buy my ebooks (and The Tree and the Grave) directly from me. The only things that won’t be in the store are anything published through a publisher, aka the Kitten Psychologist series and the short story “I Never Expected the Stars.” Otherwise, you’ll be able to get all of my stories directly from me! On top of that, you can now sign up

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The Final Kitten Psychologist Book is Out Today!

The Kitten Psychologist and the Kitten Reach a Conclusion comes out today! If you’ve preordered it, you’ll already have the ebook, and/or the print book will be on its way to you! If you haven’t, get on that ;)  I honestly never expected this series to be picked up by a publisher in any way- as I said in my last email, I’d written it as a silly way to help myself get out of a decidely un-silly predicament. As

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Why Would a Kitten Need a Psychologist?

This month, on the 15th, the final instalment of The Kitten Psychologist series comes out! You’ll be able to buy and hold all six parts in your paws :D  Now… I want to write this in a fun, light tone, matching what you’ll find in the stories. Unfortunately, I’m in a rather stressful few months which, interestingly enough, mirrors the stress that caused me to write The Kitten Psychologist and its sequels to begin with. You’ll be able to read

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Erica's Story (WIP title) | The Books of Bílo (WIP title) #1
First draft 29%
Hunter and Prey | White Changeling #3
First draft 100%

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