Tales of Kyuyon

Movement from the corner of your eye; gone when you look.

Walking a familiar road only to find yourself somewhere you’ve never been.

Coolness from the shade of trees, voices of conversation all around… but there’s no forest here.

There is another world pressing against our own, one full of magic and wonder, full of the danger of the unknown.

These are the stories of those caught in the middle.

The Tree Remembers

Minerva Thiessen moved across the country after graduating high school in order to get away from her past and forget what she is. Now, eight years later, everything’s changed back home and her past is pulling her right back, no matter how much she tries to escape it. When Min returns home, she will have to face the people she’s hurt—including the only man she’s ever loved—and finally confront her true origins once and for all.

Nothing will ever be the same again.

Genre: Contemporary Fantasy
Cover artist: Thea van Diepen

“A wonderful little book that draws you in and then keeps you there, embracing you with beautiful writing and strong imagery.”

~ Piper Bates, creator of Piper Strange Comics

“…a leaf unfurling in the spring, opening and revealing more and more of itself until you see its true shape.”

~ Teddi Deppner, author of The Author Collector

“If you like retellings of fairy tales in modern settings, you will love this.”

~ Lelia Rose Foreman, author of the Shatterworld Trilogy and Writing Speculative Fiction

Plunged Ashore

Isolated in a forest pool and unable to walk on land, a water being longs to end her loneliness. When one of the humans who visits the pool, Evelyn, drowns, the being discovers that she and Evelyn have the same face. And gains a human body of her own.

Taking the situation as an opportunity, the being feigns amnesia and tries to slip into Evelyn’s life. But the obstacles are as many as the joys: family, boyfriend, the use of her new legs, and the water itself.

The biggest obstacle, though, is Evelyn herself. After a lifetime on the outside, is it really possible to live as one born on the inside?

And can that inside truly be considered home?

Genre: Contemporary Fantasy
Cover artist: BetiBup33

The Lost Children (Tas Owake) (Coming 2021!)

“Who are you?”

A voice calls to Weyai silently, in the way of tree woy, but in the language of humans. She has only told her sister, Otwan, but when they are invited to a meeting that traditionally doesn’t include woy, a meeting of the gods of her world about the lost children, she and Otwan can only wonder.

The lost children—tas owakeare those beings who have disappeared over the centuries into the human world, and thought gone forever.

What if they aren’t?

Genre: Fantasy
Cover artist: BetiBup33

Other Stories

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