Stories on the edge of familiarity


Movement from the corner of your eye; gone when you look.

Walking a familiar road only to find yourself somewhere you’ve never been.

Coolness from the shade of trees, voices of conversation all around… but there’s no forest here.

There is another world pressing against our own, one full of magic and wonder, full of the danger of the unknown.

These are the stories of those caught in the middle.

The Tree Remembers

Minerva Thiessen moved across the country after graduating high school in order to get away from her past and forget what she is. Now, eight years later, everything’s changed back home and her past is pulling her right back, no matter how much she tries to escape it. When Min returns home, she will have to face the people she’s hurt—including the only man she’s ever loved—and finally confront her true origins once and for all.

Nothing will ever be the same again.

Genre: Contemporary Fantasy
Cover artist: Thea van Diepen