Spirits and Nanotech

"...if one could find the Light's heart to speak with it, then we would know all things."

It is said that the world began when the mote of a spirit came to rest in the nothing and expanded and grew until there was all that is.

As common as flora and fauna, as common as weather, the spirits go about their business, players themselves in the business of life. Most often that business is their own, but sometimes they will attach themselves to other living beings or even inhabit them.

Humans, with their highly advanced technology, go about their own business, too, shaping life in their own ways. But they cannot forget or ignore the spirits. To do so would be to forget that they are not only shapers, but also shaped.

This, of course, leaves poignant questions for those caught in the crossing-place of the various desires of spirits, technology, and humanity:

Who am I?

And what do I want?

Humans, Spirits, and Their Stories

Part of the 2020 lineup for short fiction subscribers

  • In the Beginning, There Was Dust
  • When the Rain Would Not End
  • Caught in a Cat’s Eye

…and more to come.