Standalones and Short Fiction

Whether it’s fully self-contained books, works that sit alongside but not really part of series, or otherwise standalone stories, they’re all found here.

These Other Doors: A Collection of More-Than-Mundane Tales

Life is a series of choices, of doors we can walk through or leave behind. Of stories we tell and stories we keep to ourselves.

The short stories and poetry of this collection present both events no one in this world has faced:

  • flesh-eating deer that arise from glowing, golden flowers
  • a thin membrane that allows two girls from very different worlds to see and talk to each other
  • an unnatural rain that fills the air and people’s lungs until they cannot breathe
  • a being temporarily trapped in our world who falls in love with a woman who dances with the ocean

…and events that perhaps some of us have:

  • a love that holds itself back, but seeks, yearns, longs to be released
  • a girl pursuing freedom among the trees from a past and future that seek to control her
  • two people trying to determine whether they even exist

Together, These Other Doors tell a story of breaking free, of learning to love and be loved. Together, the characters inside find the doors open to them.

And they walk through.

Genres: Fantasy, LGBTQ
Cover designer: BookCoverZone

A Holly Jolly Disaster: Adren and Nadin Try Christmas

“Dear reader, come close and listen
to a story of disaster and mayhem
and Christmas, too.”

Nadin dreams himself right into our world in time for a Christmas party with Adren- if she can get to his apartment in time! But, dear reader, winter is full of pitfalls and obstacles, and some very, very odd people.

Originally written for my Patreon supporters, this silly Christmas poem that may or may not be canon features cameos of characters from both White Changeling books as well as The Illuminated Heart.

May you always be able to dream up a Christmas worth having, awkward delays on the way and all <3

Genre: Comic Fantasy
Cover designer: Piper Bates

The Illuminated Heart

Dagný’s only brother, Kaj, is dead. He died of illness before his life had really begun, and Dagný blames God for it.

About a week after his death, Kaj comes back as a draugur, a creature intent on the ruin of those it had known in life. With his unholy power, he kills their crops, causes their animals to go insane, and brings them to the brink of starvation. Every single member of Dagný’s village, convinced that her family has brought this curse upon themselves through sin, leaves them alone to die.

Then, one day, a polar bear arrives at their door with a proposition:

“Give me your youngest daughter, and I will make you wealthy.”

The adventure that follows thrusts Dagný into a world where the supernatural intrudes on the natural as a matter of course, where she must act without any assurance of safety, and where she must decide whether to throw away all she’s believed or finally trust in it for the first time.

(Part of the Undead Fairy Tales Collection. Check out Emily Casey’s books for more.)

Genre: Fantasy, Fairy Tale Retelling
Cover designer: Philip Pocock

“A stunning Icelandic fable”

~Rachael Stephen, author of State of Flux

“…the prose is utterly gorgeous and the story is captivating.”

~Bethan Healy

“…touching and compelling.”

~Margaret Pinard, author of the Remnants series

Dreaming of Her and Other Stories

“…a buffet of exquisite bites of literary, emotional, and devotional grace.”

~Bookloving Gal

Be prepared to enter a vast array of worlds. Each one contains echoes of our own, but never enough to be comfortable. Never enough to be entirely familiar; never enough to be entirely safe. As you enter into the stories and poems of this collection, you will discover that reality goes farther than what we can see, and further than we have ever known.

Read, among many others, the story of the life of a river as he discovers his true self, a poetic retelling of Daphne’s flight from Apollo, and, in the titular story, a literal nightmare as a girl comes to terms with the death of her sister.

It’s time to go down the rabbit hole.

Genres: Fantasy, Science Fiction
Editor: Erin Kurup
Cover designer: Divine Designs

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