Bus Phobia (Story Idea)

First off: I forgot to mention that Green Girl got an official title. It happened during the Expo, while I was getting it ready as a free download. It’s now officially called The Tree Remembers, and I mentioned it in my last post without explanation, so now you have it. Here’s what its personal cover looks like:

The Tree Remembers (small)

The picture’s pretty; the text is tiny. Whatever. I’ll get over it. I only had half an hour and thank goodness I had that picture lying around on my computer. :D But back to my topic:

Okay, so, remember when I first announced my idea for These Other Doors: A collection of more-than-mundane tales? I had four story ideas I wanted to go with for that. Well, now I have five (although I might go back down to four, as I’m having thoughts about one of the originals). My new idea goes like this:

What if you took the bus every day, terrified that someone would come sit next to you such that you would have to go past them to get out? And what if what you were more terrified about was going past them in order to get off the bus, so terrified that you just wouldn’t do that if you got into this situation? What if, in that situation, the only way you’d get off the bus would be when or after the person sitting next to you got off?

Now imagine that what if, one day, despite all your careful planning and strategy, someone sits down next to you exactly like that? What if they don’t get off until after the bus has passed into a fantastical alternate version of your city? And now you’re stuck there and have no idea how to get home.

I’m thinking it will have an Alice in Wonderland vibe, but with an adult protagonist, and a more urban fantasy-ish feel.

Should be fun. :)

Also, speaking of this anthology, I started doing a little work on Psychic Bookstore, simply because the beginning started narrating itself in my head. I might have enough of it to put up as a short blog post, but I’m not 100% sure, so I’ll have to double-check and post it at a later date. But yeah. Look for that.

In the mean time, do you have any questions about any of my works in progress, or about the stories I’ve already published? I’m in an answery mood, so go ahead and ask whatever you want. Just be sure to mark your  spoilers, and I’ll do the same. ;)

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