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Interviewed by a Mysterious Stranger

A few days ago, I got this Twitter notification: I did a triple-take. Checked out their profile. And followed them back. With a username like that, how could I not? Turns out, the Mysterious Stranger does book reviews and indie author interviews. One thing led to another, and they interviewed me over Twitter DMs. We talked about my writing process, ten things you can look forward to in Like Mist Over the Eyes, and the Voynich Manuscript. The interview went

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Meet Liana Brooks, Lover of Colourful Socks and Writer of Books with Many Dead Bodies

Liana Brooks has a new book out (Convergence Point, aka book two in the Time and Shadows mysteries) and said on Twitter that she was getting bored with how many times she answered the same questions for interviews for the blog tour. I offered to ask her a whole list of entertaining questions you’d usually never get in a blog tour, and she liked the idea. Thus, this interview was born. 1) What is the weirdest thing you researched for

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The Liebster Award (I’ve Been Nominated!)

Jean Schara nominated me for the Liebster Award, one of those cool blogging awards that are basically interview memes, and are a great way to find out about awesome people online. (Which means Jean thinks I’m awesome. Omg. Thank you, Jean!) Also, because I’m a geek, I double-checked what “liebster” means in German, because I recognized that it is, in fact, German. It means “dearest”, so the award is the “Dearest Award”. Which is really cute. :) Ze Questions 1. Who

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Author Interview: Emily Casey

Ladies and Gentlemen, it’s time for: 12 Questions with Thea! (Because 20 questions is just too mainstream) Our victim interviewee: Emily Casey Why: Not only is she so awesome that she shares a birthday with Madeleine L’Engle, but her first book is out, and it’s fabulous! Book blurb: “Ivy has always been afraid of mirrors, but she never knew why. Then one of them sucks her into the fairy tale Beauty and the Beast.” -from Emily’s website. (This interview is

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A Forthcoming Guest Blog Post and an Award!

Sometime in either December or January, a guest post by me will appear on! I don’t know the date yet, so keep watching this space for more information: [The date: January 6th! :D] Until then, I’d encourage you to click on that link and check out Sue’s website. She’s got lots of solid writing advice, and there’s a guest post every Friday! Next bit of news! About a month ago, Angela McGill gave me the Versatile Blogger Award! She blogs about writing,

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