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Sneak Peek at New Fiction Coming for Subscribers!

Hello! If you haven’t signed up to my short fiction subscription yet, you’ll want to before June 1st.  Why? Because the next set of short fiction for subscribers contains not one but two stories and a poem! And one of those stories? Quite literally introduces a new world I’ve not previously published anything in. But I promised you a sneak peek. So let’s get to that 😁 Sneak Peek #1 There was once a cat who sat under a cherry tree in bloom, contemplating the flowers. “Do

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New Author Store and Monthly Short Fiction Subscription!

*waves excitedly* Hiiiiiii there are new things on the site! As of today, you’ll be able to buy my ebooks (and The Tree and the Grave) directly from me. The only things that won’t be in the store are anything published through a publisher, aka the Kitten Psychologist series and the short story “I Never Expected the Stars.” Otherwise, you’ll be able to get all of my stories directly from me! On top of that, you can now sign up

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The Lullaby (a Hunter and Prey excerpt)

In celebration of the first draft reaching 70,000 words, here’s an excerpt (everything is subject to change, as this is a first draft. Note that a small section has been removed because spoilers): The man’s magic made straight for the dark place and the crack in the dark place, which it entered into before she could stop it. As it did, the man himself vanished again, which did not disguise his footsteps as he ran past Adren, off the bridge, off the

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Farewell (a poem)

The birds have flown go on, go on Their dark-rising shapes giving way To the dark-arriving clouds Thick with thunder and the cleansing rain

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From Two Comes All

There was a goddess who pulled two points together Unconnected Unrelated They were nothing They were something She held one in each hand Lifted above each shoulder, as if in blessing Brought her palms together Not enough to touch She didn’t need to She knew The points only needed proximity A moment Before pulling her hands away And an entire web expanded between them A world, created on two poles A world, created By two points Two hands And the

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Erica's Story (WIP title) | The Books of Bílo (WIP title) #1
First draft 29%
Hunter and Prey | White Changeling #3
First draft 100%

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