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To Win the Sea (a song of Erd)

Because this is meant to appear within a story, it’s assuming you have some context. Therefore, context: This is an Artlinder song and, in Artlind, they believe in two principal divine persons (gods isn’t exactly the right word, but it’s close), Brannig and Leiyiz. Brannig, more than an earth god, is considered to be both a divine person and also the earth itself, especially the mountains. Leiyiz, more than a water goddess, is also water itself, especially the sea. This

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Psalm 46 (a spoken word poem)

Note before you start: If you’re thinking of skipping out on the video, don’t. This is meant to be heard aloud, and the words below can only capture a small part of this poem’s full beauty. So go listen to it.   Nightmares pluck at my hair, my clothes, my skin, leering Their words are madness and they drown out my hearing They drown out my sight My mind is black with their blight They say, about my freedom, they

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The God of Life (poem 3 of the Mars trilogy)

The seeds weigh heavy in my hand I stumble with them across the ocean of blood the soles of my feet scraped and raw against the rocks beneath I am I am Tired I sit Pause for a moment beneath a palm tree But I cannot enjoy the shade I close my eyes in relief but not in peace The restlessness begins in my legs again right at the fat part of my calves and down along my bones I

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The Box to Put You In

I found a box to put you in See? It’s shaped like a boat That’s important Let me fold you up now Linger over every crease Not to remember Not to forget But to end I remember what you used to smell like How the atmosphere felt with your presence in it I’ve had a lot of life since you But I held you close like yesterday Like only you were important But you weren’t. You were an event A

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I Am Feeling This

I want to excise her I don’t want her to be real that cold woman the one who says she’s free of other people’s emotions only because she turned off her empathy so completely she might as well have never had it I don’t want to acknowledge that I am capable of this I don’t want to acknowledge the woman who is hard as dead stone who would say the cruelest, most cutting things who would slice open your arteries

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Hunter and Prey | White Changeling #3
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