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There Are Wolves in the Forest (poem 2 of the Mars trilogy) There are wolves in this forest It was supposed to be a haven a world of green after the dry death the red wasteland of before but there are wolves here and I’m running because they’ve been chasing me the moment I touched the ground “We are you” “We are you” they say, fanged shadows with yellow eyes as they race through the trees around me and behind me They pounce and there I am pulling out the hair

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I Stand on the Surface of Mars (poem 1 of the Mars trilogy) I stood on the surface of Mars to the sound of classical music Dry desert all around me the red dirt dotted with brown rocks and nothing was green and I wanted it to be The one therapy session I ever had I told the therapist about the problems I had finding and keeping friends So we went down through the music and I was on Mars there were no plants because there was no water, I told her

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Beyond the Threshold

I came across a thin place an oblong mirror shimmering hung in space half a foot above the grass, it came up to my forehead and I could step through it if I ducked so I did On one side was a garden filled with mist on the other was a fog-wrapped forest and I honestly don’t know which I left and I honestly don’t know which I entered but the thin place closed behind me and the moist air

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Growing Pains

I have a shell I hide my heart in and sometimes I imagine what it would look like if I pulled it back and stepped out and I am afraid I have a curtain around me and it keeps all the light out it’s warm in here and very cozy but too small to straighten my legs and I am afraid I have a wall built on the skin of my arms and it’s heavy but whenever I wonder if

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The Strength of Joy It’s time we stopped short-changing joy because joy is strength Suffering breaks the backs of those who labour under it Fear is the vampire that drains your life away Bitterness spreads its parasitic roots around your heart to shrivel it to dust Unforgiveness, like greed, selfishness, and self-centredness takes fresh water and fills it with salt until everything in it has died Pride leaches into the soil until not even weeds can grow “It’s only when we’ve experienced darkness

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Erica's Story (WIP title) | The Books of Bílo (WIP title) #1
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Hunter and Prey | White Changeling #3
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