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To Win the Sea (a song of Erd)

Because this is meant to appear within a story, it’s assuming you have some context. Therefore, context: This is an Artlinder song and, in Artlind, they believe in two principal divine persons (gods isn’t exactly the right word, but it’s close), Brannig and Leiyiz. Brannig, more than an earth god, is considered to be both a divine person and also the earth itself, especially the mountains. Leiyiz, more than a water goddess, is also water itself, especially the sea. This

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The Art of Goofing Off: Episode 2

Has it really been a month already? Oh, February. So short. This episode talks about movies (well, movie), TV shows, video games, books, and art – in that order, too. Feel free to skip to the section(s) most conducive to your goofing off needs. :) Stories on the Big Screen (Movies) Ever After Ok, I didn’t discover this one this month, but I did watch it. Ever After is the story of Cinderella, but historical fiction instead of a fairy

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The Art of Goofing Off: Episode 1

For a while, I’ve wanted to write a feature about cool book, movies, music, etc that I’ve discovered and enjoyed. Now I am. You’re welcome. The Art of Goofing Off will be a monthly feature (usually the last Friday of the month, the first Friday this time because it took me a while to get the right picture together), the length depending on how many interesting things I find and how much I have to say about them. This episode

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The Kitten Psychologist Tries to be Patient Through Email (a short story)

(Read the previous installment, “The Kitten Psychologist vs. The Kitten’s Owners” here) Dear kitten, I would absolutely love to speak with you, but your humans, as you say, have decided I can’t ever see you. You’ll have to deal with the tumblr thing on your own. Sincerely, Your psychologist   Dear psychologist human, There is no reason to be rude with me. As you see perfectly well, we can talk through email. Your payment will be minimal to none as

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The Kitten Psychologist vs. The Kitten’s Owners (a short story)

(Read the previous installment, “The Kitten Psychologist Broaches the Topic of Economics,” here) Boy, was I in trouble. I think it would have been worse if I hadn’t called my friends the day I left for vacation, which is exactly why I did that. But, man, give them two weeks to steam off and they were still mad. And, okay, yeah, I deserved it. When I got back, they demanded an accounting of exactly how much money their kitten had

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Erica's Story (WIP title) | The Books of Bílo (WIP title) #1
First draft 29%
Hunter and Prey | White Changeling #3
First draft 100%

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