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If I’m a Christian, then Why Do I Have Issues with Death?

About three weeks ago, I put up a post about my great-grandfather’s death and the voices that get in the way of doing things that are important to me (here it is, in case you haven’t read it), and I received a comment on Facebook about it, which contained a couple really interesting questions. Le comment: “I thought most or all religious people were OK with death and understood it as a way in to heaven?? I myself am scared

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How we see the world will show up in our writing. It has to, if we want to be honest about what we write. But what happens when our worldview is one that others mock? I’m not talking about when a story becomes so preachy it’s ridiculous. I’m talking about when what someone believes is mocked for no other reason than the person believes it. Intolerance? Perhaps. But when members of your own worldview are considered intolerant, somehow the worldview

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