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The Final Kitten Psychologist Book is Out Today!

The Kitten Psychologist and the Kitten Reach a Conclusion comes out today! If you’ve preordered it, you’ll already have the ebook, and/or the print book will be on its way to you! If you haven’t, get on that ;)  I honestly never expected this series to be picked up by a publisher in any way- as I said in my last email, I’d written it as a silly way to help myself get out of a decidely un-silly predicament. As

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Why Would a Kitten Need a Psychologist?

This month, on the 15th, the final instalment of The Kitten Psychologist series comes out! You’ll be able to buy and hold all six parts in your paws :D  Now… I want to write this in a fun, light tone, matching what you’ll find in the stories. Unfortunately, I’m in a rather stressful few months which, interestingly enough, mirrors the stress that caused me to write The Kitten Psychologist and its sequels to begin with. You’ll be able to read

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NEW BOOKS: The Kitten Psychologist Series

You may recall my kitten psychologist stories, in which a kitten gets the help of a psychologist unbeknownst to its owners and, well, shenanigans. Because what else do you expect when there’s a sentient kitten involved? Well, the series was picked up by Inkprint Press for Inklets, short stories by multiple authors published both digitally and in print twice a month over the course of this year (and possibly longer, but the ones I know about for sure are this

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Going on a Break

I realized last Saturday (the day I’m writing this- how’s the future? :) ) that I’m in the middle of burnout. And it’s less than stellar, I can tell you. So I’m taking a break from putting out blog posts. For how long? I’m not entirely sure, but I’m going to give it two months and see how I feel. In the mean time, you’ll still see me around on Twitter and Facebook (if you haven’t followed me on either

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The Birth of an Idea: The Drawing that Became The Tree and the Grave

Yesterday, I was looking through the notebook where I recorded the dream that formed the basis for the story in The Tree and the Grave. You can see bits of what I wrote along the side of the image. The part that I think is the coolest is the drawing I did back then (I think I was fifteen?). That image stuck in my brain like you would not believe, because my memory of it when I was an ocean

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