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Someone’s Blogging About My Book! :O

It’s Margaret Pinard, at her website, Taste Life Twice. You can read the post here! And also, if you didn’t get to attend Lori Stalter’s interview with me about my book last week, here’s the recording: []

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Holy Crap! Things Are Different!

If you’ve been on this website more than once (or even just once, depending on your powers of observation), you may have noticed that things are a little different this time around. The header is different, for one. The navbar’s been completely rearranged and looks like it might have more stuff on it and HOLY CRAP WHAT HAPPENED TO THE LAST THREE FULL BLOG POSTS?!? *hands paper bag* Don’t worry, I’ll get to that. :) First, though:   The Header.

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I Am So Sorry About Me

Dear You, I’ve spent so much of this blog talking to me. Now, don’t get me wrong, I think me is great, but me isn’t the only thing in the universe. And I really need to stop talking just to me so much. When I first created this blog, I did it because I wanted to have my own place on the internet to talk about what I wanted to talk about. Now, that’s great and all, and it really

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What Are These Series You Speak of?

Before I officially kick off any of the series I mentioned in the last post, I thought I’d make a list of all the series I have going (or will have going in the near future), along with an explanation of what they’re about. This post will be updated as new series get added and old ones are completed, and will always be listed first in the Series links in the right-hand column on this page, for easy reference. Without

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Exciting New Things!!!

First off, some housekeeping (mostly for my own sanity): for some odd and inexplicable reason, I cannot publish any changes to the other half of my website because my website software cannot login to the ftp server. This is upsetting because I’ve not only fixed an embarrassing typo, but I’ve also made a few things look much prettier. I will, however, have to figure out what’s going on and fix it before I can change anything over there. Which means

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Erica's Story (WIP title) | The Books of Bílo (WIP title) #1
First draft 29%
Hunter and Prey | White Changeling #3
First draft 100%

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