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On Vulnerability

Remember my post last week where I was all happy and excited about Kara the Brave and continuing the story on Saturday? Well, if you read the comic, you’ll know that, for reasons more fully explained on its website, I’ve postponed the strip. And now here I am, planning out the second chapter, and I don’t want to. This will not be a happy chapter. I mean, there will still be funny things and Kara will still be her usual

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What Writers’ Outlines Really Look Like

First off: I’m supposed to be outlining the next bit of my webcomic, Kara the Brave. If you see my internal taskmaster, direct them… away. Stupid distractions that actually work include “What’s that over there?” and “Look, a distraction!” (My internal taskmaster isn’t all that clever.) Thanks. I really appreciate it. Ok, so, now that we’ve got that covered, I wanted to bring to your attention an important topic. Well, two, because I’m efficient when I procrastinate. *awkward cough* The first is the

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