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Hunter and Prey Has an EPIC Writing Playlist

Starting today, I’m writing Hunter and Prey, book 3 in the White Changeling series, as a part of NaNoWriMo. To kick things off, a special post about this book’s writing playlist seems appropriate. (Seeing as I’ve been torturing myself with it for the past two weeks.) The Hunter and Prey Writing Playlist As Hunter and Prey centres around a werewolf, it’s only appropriate that, after watching Blood and Chocolate again, I found the book’s anchor song in that movie’s soundtrack:

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To Win the Sea (a song of Erd)

Because this is meant to appear within a story, it’s assuming you have some context. Therefore, context: This is an Artlinder song and, in Artlind, they believe in two principal divine persons (gods isn’t exactly the right word, but it’s close), Brannig and Leiyiz. Brannig, more than an earth god, is considered to be both a divine person and also the earth itself, especially the mountains. Leiyiz, more than a water goddess, is also water itself, especially the sea. This

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The Art of Goofing Off: Episode 6

Before I get into this, an explanation for the radio silence on the poetry front: Between projects, everything goes florp for me for a while until stuff settles down and I go to the next thing. It always happens. I always pretend to myself that it’s not going to happen, and thus forget to make contingencies. So, after my huge editing push for Like Mist Over the Eyes, I wrote a bunch for an entirely unrelated story, got to the

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The Art of Goofing Off: Episode 1

For a while, I’ve wanted to write a feature about cool book, movies, music, etc that I’ve discovered and enjoyed. Now I am. You’re welcome. The Art of Goofing Off will be a monthly feature (usually the last Friday of the month, the first Friday this time because it took me a while to get the right picture together), the length depending on how many interesting things I find and how much I have to say about them. This episode

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Taking Music Theory Was an Act of Patience

During this post, keep this thought in mind: Gardening is an act of patience. The gardener may work hard to plant, water, and weed so that flowers may come and the fruit may ripen, but they do not decide when this will happen. The garden does. For three weeks in July, I took a music theory course. Apparently, the way seemed to be feeling about it as it went was somewhat inconsistent across internet platforms. Let me put the record

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