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How to Get Fit Without Exercising

I hate exercising. Seriously, I find treadmills and exercise bikes boring, weight lifting utterly pointless, and jogging? Ugh. About as exciting as drilling holes into my own skull*. That can’t be comfortable. There’s a huge worry in our society about the costs of inactivity, ranging from the fact that sitting on the couch all day watching TV is socially frowned upon to the fact that a sedentary lifestyle can lead to premature death. Studies keep coming out saying that being

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Sometimes, I Just Need to Kick Myself in the Butt

When I started this blog, I had a vague idea of blogging every two weeks. Then I missed my deadline for one post in my second month and decided I’d alternate between two posts and one post every month. This worked for three more months, until life happened and I felt like crap about myself for two whole months, resulting in no posts. “It’s okay,” I said to myself in August. “I’ll just pretend that that was my summer break

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Just Like Pimples

When I was about seven, I discovered the joy of raking a stick over an ant hill for no other reason than to watch all the ants flip out. It’s probably the most effective form of pest control I’ve ever employed, because my siblings and I managed to cause either the eradication or relocation (they were gone, at any rate) of two whole anthills in our front yard before we got tired of freaking them out practically every single day

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The Worst Part of Death

I remember the day my great-grandfather died. It’s not like it was unexpected, after all, the man was 101, but it was because he was 101 that I had thought he wasn’t going to die. He was the oldest person I knew, and I thought that he would beat the Guinness world record and die at about 130. Sometime nice and far away. It made sense; when he turned 100, my mom sent him a birthday card and he wrote

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Becoming Who I Already Am

I found some old sketchbooks of mine that I filled up years ago, and decided I’d go through them from the very beginning and see how my drawings have changed. It felt very nostalgic, remembering drawing all those pictures. Then, as I came to the end, I realized something interesting about my writing, including this blog. In order to explain this better, I’m going to talk about horses. First, the best picture of a horse I’ve drawn to date (please

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Erica's Story (WIP title) | The Books of Bílo (WIP title) #1
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First draft 100%

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