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2016 is the Year of No More Excuses

2016 is the year of no more excuses. Is is the year of pushing forward through the fear. Of making 1% improvements every day. Of creating the future. Of pushing past the past hanging around where it doesn’t belong. Of letting go of all the reasons why not. Of embracing all the reasons to be. 2016 is the year of accepting my capacity to succeed at whatever I set my mind to, and so to set my mind. It is

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Your Life’s Purpose and Why Striving to Discover it Doesn’t Work

I discovered my life’s purpose yesterday while putting away clean dishes.* (*If you’re on my email list, this will seem a suspiciously familiar sentence, because it is. I decided to share what I wrote in this week’s email here on the blog as well.) Which sounds so casual and out of the blue, but it was only the end in what’s been a very long process. It’s taken me years trying to figure this out, years of introspection, trying new

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The Past is Dead: Walking out of Shame

There was a time where I would have preferred being bullied to being invisible. I don’t think I ever was invisible, but when my self-esteem was low, I sure felt it. Invisible, unheard, ignored. As far as I was concerned, any kind of attention would have been better than no attention. Yesterday, I had an interesting conversation on Twitter about which was worse: being invisible or being hypervisible as a teen. Having experienced the former, I know it’s a certain

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The Best Technique I’ve Found That Can Empower You to Live the Life You Want

(If you read before part two was up, let it be known that part two is now up. Scroll down to the header saying “Part Two” to read it. :) ) This is coming at you live and as unedited as possible (the inner critic might get past a few times, but I’m pretty sure I’ve got it under control for the time being). Part one and part two will both be in the same post, just that part two

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The Mathematics of Rest

Doing math calms me down. Yes, you can run screaming from me, an artsy person who enjoys math. Have I ever mentioned to you that long division relaxes me? Oh, the screams got louder? Just wait ’til you hear about the time I calculated compound interest by hand. The long way. Hehehe. But, seriously, math really does relax me. I don’t know why. Blame it on my dad. He likes math, too. It’s also a super useful tool in figuring

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Erica's Story (WIP title) | The Books of Bílo (WIP title) #1
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Hunter and Prey | White Changeling #3
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