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We Are the Sound History Makes

We are living what will be known in the future as history. Us, with all our secret struggles and secret fears. With all our hopes, all our dreams for the future, all for us. All the selfish things we want even as we’re afraid of the world ending around us, afraid that working to get those things is a mistake, afraid of the people who might turn against us for those things when or if the world ends. Us, with

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The Trees Who Wear Their Character on Their Skin

Bark has a painful texture, like it’s been scratched, grooved by claws. Except for gum trees. They look like a snake that’s just shed its skin, but it’s not very good at shedding, so you can still see bits of this layer, and the last layer, and the last layer. At first, it looks like paint splotches, as though the snake zipped through a studio of abstract artists, but then you realize it’s all skin and it’s hard to be as whimsical

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What We Gather Around Must Exist if We are to Remain Together

What we gather around must exist if we are to remain together. If we gather around what we’re against (what we’re angry about, afraid of, consider evil), that thing must continue to exist if we are to remain together. If we gather around what we’re for (what we value, enjoy, praise, are encouraged by), that thing must continue to exist if we are to remain together. Being against the same thing may draw us together, but unless we discard that

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World Tour, Day 31 Special Edition: Jealousy Is a Collapse, Not an Explosion

I was watching a Tessa Violet music video tonight and I didn’t realize until a little after the video had ended that I’m intensely jealous of her. It’s not something I’ve ever acknowledged as clearly as that before, jealousy. It starts with a desire to do what that other person is doing, ideally better than they’re doing it. It turns inward after that, after you’ve compared with where you’re at to where this other person is at, and you find

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The Nature of Generosity (It’s Not About Numbers)

The most common response I got when I messaged people about my Kickstarter last month (which ended up being 135% funded! How cool is that?) was an apology. Either 1. They couldn’t pledge at all because of financial reasons (difficulties, getting out of debt, upcoming weddings, university tuition, long-awaited family trips, etc). Or 2. They couldn’t pledge very much because of financial reasons (see above). When You Can’t Give What They Ask For Until this year, I didn’t have a

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Erica's Story (WIP title) | The Books of Bílo (WIP title) #1
First draft 29%
Hunter and Prey | White Changeling #3
First draft 100%

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