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World Tour, Special Edition: St Mary’s Churches

It all started one evening in Glasgow when I noticed it was the perfect light for photography. St Mary’s Church, Glasgow One evening, I was on a walk near where I was staying when I came by St Mary’s Church. It was a beautiful building and, better yet, I noticed that the sun was at the perfect angle that everything in its path was gorgeous. So I took this picture: Lovely, isn’t it? I wish I could have gotten the

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The Art of Goofing Off: Episode 5

Some entertainment recommendations. Just in time for the weekend. :) Stories on the Big Screen (Movies) Age of Adaline This movie is about Adaline, a woman who one day stops aging. There’s a couple attempts in the movie to give a vague explanation for this, but ignore that and treat this story as the magical realism it is. The story itself is fascinating, brought to life by wonderful characters and some impressive acting. Adaline’s scenes with her elderly daughter are

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The Box to Put You In

I found a box to put you in See? It’s shaped like a boat That’s important Let me fold you up now Linger over every crease Not to remember Not to forget But to end I remember what you used to smell like How the atmosphere felt with your presence in it I’ve had a lot of life since you But I held you close like yesterday Like only you were important But you weren’t. You were an event A

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The Art of Goofing Off: Episode 2

Has it really been a month already? Oh, February. So short. This episode talks about movies (well, movie), TV shows, video games, books, and art – in that order, too. Feel free to skip to the section(s) most conducive to your goofing off needs. :) Stories on the Big Screen (Movies) Ever After Ok, I didn’t discover this one this month, but I did watch it. Ever After is the story of Cinderella, but historical fiction instead of a fairy

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Why I Draw With a Mechanical Pencil: A Tale of Successful Rebellion

My art teacher in junior high didn’t understand art at all. In one of our first classes, he told all of us never to draw with mechanical pencils. His explanation? “Because you can’t shade with them.” Guess who drew with mechanical pencils all the time? Yeah. I loved mechanical pencils from the first moment I understood how they worked. They kept their point, allowing me to focus on the fine, precise lines I prize so much without having to break

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Erica's Story (WIP title) | The Books of Bílo (WIP title) #1
First draft 29%
Hunter and Prey | White Changeling #3
First draft 100%

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