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A Holly Jolly Disaster! (Adren and Nadin Try Christmas)

Originally written as a gift for my patrons, this poem goes through a decidedly unusual dream of Nadin’s. He and Adren are in our world, him preparing for a Christmas get-together that she’s running late for in the most spectacular fashion. The poem is filled with cameos of characters from both the White Changeling series and The Illuminated Heart, a steady stream of catastrophes, and one very unusual gift.

Dear reader, come close and listen
to a story of disaster and mayhem
and Christmas, too.

Cover created by Sarah Bates.

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Here: Poems from the Recently Returned

An illustrated meditation on transitions, on leaving home and coming back. Written after my return to Canada after travelling for a year, these poems journey through complex, often contradictory emotions and a world of vivid imagery in search of a resting place. How do you come to terms with where you are when so much has changed?

After a life of moving forward
what is it like to stand still?

The poems are currently being edited, and hand lettering for the cover and poem titles (done by Alora Marie) is underway. Projected release date: 2019.


Hunter and Prey (White Changeling #3)

A woman accused of being a werewolf.
A lost item surrounded by silence.
And restless memories.

Adren and Nadin go to Adren’s childhood home of Kloreng, expecting to recuperate with the fairies there before heading back out on their search for a cure for the unicorn. Instead, Adren must represent the mound in the case of Esh, an alleged werewolf from the neighbouring human town, and Nadin is hired to find something for the fairies that they are prevented from describing.

As he pursues his task, Nadin delves into magic both unfamiliar and unsettling with the help of a man who isn’t as human as he appears. Meanwhile, Adren’s search for the truth unearths yet more hidden memories and brings her face-to-face with an incident from four years ago, one involving her, the unicorn, and a man named Pider.

The fairies of Kloreng know how the two paths converge, and would share that knowledge freely—if only they could.

The first draft is cooling down in anticipation of editing (read the excerpts here), and the book has a projected release date of 2020.

{You know how people write descriptions of books and stick them on or next to the cover?

This isn’t that.

This is a list of things you’ll find in Hunter and Prey:

  1. Questionable fairies
  2. Questionable humans
  3. A highly questionable werewolf
  4. A magical object of questionable description
  5. A questionable being of questionable origin
  6. Various types of tea
  7. Kissing

Wait. *peers at that last point* Yep, definitely kissing. Wonder if anyone saw that one coming.}


Glass, Stone, and Ivory (a puzzle-based game)

Still in the very early stages, with a title subject to change drastically. I only know four definite things about this game:

  1. It will have puzzles.
  2. There will be a cool story.
  3. [spoiler redacted]
  4. This sketch:

The release date is tentatively penciled in for 2021.


Sneak Peeks, Early Access, and a Glimpse Behind the Creative Process

As you can see, I’ve got a lot in progress, and an important part of what makes that possible is patrons. If you’re a fan of my work and want to support these projects, you can do that by joining my Patreon. Patrons get sneak peeks, process journal entries, and early access to short fiction and novel excerpts. In addition, you get the finished product, whether it’s a book or a game, as soon as and sometimes before it’s released.

I do hope you’ll join us. There’s a whole world of story there, waiting for you to explore it.

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