Exciting New Things!!!

First off, some housekeeping (mostly for my own sanity): for some odd and inexplicable reason, I cannot publish any changes to the other half of my website because my website software cannot login to the ftp server. This is upsetting because I’ve not only fixed an embarrassing typo, but I’ve also made a few things look much prettier. I will, however, have to figure out what’s going on and fix it before I can change anything over there. Which means that all updates shall come through here.


We are all very excited. *rolls eyes*

I shall now provide antidote through the proclamation of my plans to self-publish. Yes, yes you did hear me correctly. I am going to self-publish, starting with the project I’ve been working on in secret for the past two months: a series of short story anthologies called Expected Aberrations*! (cue applause) Each anthology will be one, complete journey through five or more stories of entirely different genres. Let your imagination expand. Discover new mysteries, unearth familiar secrets, shudder at the intimately terrifying, and explore all the shininess that unknown worlds have to offer. And get warm fuzzies for helping a writer continue to do what she loves. /plug :)

I’ve already written the first drafts of two of the stories, and I’m working on the third. Release date is still overly vague. My initial idea of the Christmas holiday got quashed due to the beginning of the school year and the intensity of second-year university courses…

But wait, there’s more! I’ll also be making my official writer site. No more of this two-halves-of-a-website thing which, I’ll admit, is ridiculous to navigate effectively and nowhere near as professional as I’d like to have things on the internet. I suppose I could go into detail on how, exactly, I want to make things better, but I do realize that the ultimate sin of writing is to bore the reader. Therefore, all that I will say is that changes are coming within the year, and I will keep you all posted as to when things happen.

My third lovely announcement that is tied into the other two has to do with this very blog! As all of you may have realized, I have a hard time writing on a regular basis. As none of you may have realized, this has to do with my love-hate relationship with series.

What a series of blog posts has going for it: it’s darn easy to figure out what to write next. My memory is fantastic at using associations. Once I hear or read about a situation or topic, my mind starts pulling out, rapid-fire, any and all memories that relate. It’s great for personal response essays in high school, and for writing a series of blog posts. The only problem is that I love doing new things. If I’m stuck in a series, I can’t do new things. Which makes me feel frustrated, which leads to hating the series, which leads to random tangents, which leads to ending the series before I’ve really finished it (the process is strongly reminiscent of the sneaky hate spiral). How do I solve this? By starting more than one series, and writing a new addition to whichever one I’m the most interested that week! I would say it’s foolproof, but I’m pretty sure we’d all be thinking “famous last words!”. What I do know is that I get excited just thinking about it, and that’s good enough for me.

Well, that’s it! Three announcements in rapid-fire, though shot out of my brain instead of a shotgun because you’re people and not zombies. That and I have notoriously bad aim, so I’d probably end up hitting everything but myself and the zombies if I did have a shotgun.

Have a lovely rest of the weekend!


*This anthology ended up becoming Dreaming of Her and Other Stories, and its organization is a little different. For one thing, there are a lot more stories. *impish grin*

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