Expo and Book News!

Expo news first because it’s tomorrow and holy crap why am I only talking about this now?

I guess I did have a Kickstarter to run and a book to launch.


That’s fair.

Anyways. I went to set up for the Expo today and forgot to take a picture, but it won’t be hard to find me. I have a similar setup to last year:


The only difference is there’s a new poster (Like Mist Over the Eyes! :D ), more books, only one pin (all the rest I had left got rust spots on them :( ), better business cards, and no book from the future. I do have a special deal: $20 if you buy Hidden and Mist together. Otherwise, it’s $15 each book.

Oh. And I won’t be in Artist’s Alley this year, either. I’m trying something new and will be sharing a bigger booth with Joshua Pantalleresco, in the economy booth section, which is in Hall H, towards the end with all the food people and kids’ areas (and also close to the booth with all the cool Lego stuff :D ). The booth is number 904.

Here’s a handy map:


If you’re coming to the Expo and want a paperback, well, you know where to find me and get one.

If you’re not coming to the Expo and you want a paperback, Amazon can hook you up.

Whether or not you’re going to the Expo, if you want an ebook, Amazon can also hook you up.

Amazon’s handy like that.

Oh, I guess book stuff just happened.

I am so tired right now. Let’s end this with this thought:

Come say hi to me at the Expo if you’re going because I’ll be much more awake then, and you can buy my book. If you aren’t going to the Expo and haven’t bought my book already, buy my book. It’s pretty.

I am so pro at marketing.

See you at the Expo!


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