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Edmonton Expo Highlights (and a Guest Post)

First: If you want actual words I wrote this week, head on over to Rabia Gale’s site for my guest post How to Escape the Shame of Subpar Work.


Second: Here are the highlights from Edmonton Expo 2015:




20150920_185356 20150920_193840

(Shout out to my dad for designing it, sawing PVC pipes, and building it with me :D)

At the Expo


Expo get!

Creator of the painting: Jalbenn (one of the artists in 3 Milk 1 Sugar)

Creator of the plushie: Atelier Shevmo

I didn’t meet the creator(s) of the comic, as I randomly won that in a panel. So far, though, it’s an intriguing read that I’m quite enjoying. I may just have to find more of it…

Other Cool Artists

  • Tempest Studios (gorgeous, gorgeous work. Her line art alone is stunning)
  • Rawry and Pohly (mostly quirky takes on Pokemon – their art is hilarious!)
  • Chris Brunner (funny/irreverent takes on pop culture characters with a confident style)
  • Yogurt Media (what looks like a really adorable webcomic, which he describes as “a human slice-of-life”)
  • Ashley Vercekaites (her art displays a subtle understanding of colour and an understated quirkiness)


Third: Seriously, though, words. There are more of them in How to Escape the Shame of Subpar Work. Go read them. :P

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