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Friday Rest

Fridays have become my day off this semester. Last Friday, I lay around and watched TV. It was lovely. 10/10 would recommend.

Today, (a Friday), I woke up, settled on some aspects of a future crossover fantasy story/series, solved yet another problem with the White Changeling series, nearly finished writing a piano piece, and then wrote a short lullaby meant to accompany a different piano piece.

It’s 1:30. I woke up at 11. And now I’m writing this blog post after having eaten a remarkably healthy breakfast, one which involved effort to make.

I think this is the part of the dream where I pinch myself to see if it’s real.

When I recall last week, I can count on one hand how many times I left the couch. That kind of rest was exactly what I needed. But how on earth is today restful?

The piano piece I’ve nearly finished is called (until I think of a better title): “Adren Learns How to Be Happy”. It’s lovely to listen to. Key of C major, lots of major thirds and fifths, no dissonance, moments of a rather inspiring chord progression. My favourite part is when she’s really trying to figure out this happiness thing.

Adren is quite controlled when it comes to emotions. She may be impulsive, but she’s rational. Not only is she the kind of person who would ask in earnest “How do I be happy?”, she won’t be satisfied with just “Do what makes you happy.” She needs an answer she can understand with her conscious mind, and this part of the piece is where she starts taking the bits and pieces of what she knows and has experienced, and she puts them together in a way she can make sense of. And, in the end, once she’s processed all the angles and wrestled with all the intangibles, she comes to understand the answer she was given: “Do what makes you happy.”

It is winsome in its awkwardness.

Days off are, on one hand, about doing what makes you happy, doing what you want with no pressure, only peace and rest. But, even deeper than that, days off are about filling a need. A need to rest. Not to take a break, but to partake in peace of the same quality of that that comes after a battle is won. Sometimes, that means vegging on the couch all day. Sometimes, that means creating all morning.

No matter how different it looks on the outside, we know on the inside it is still the same thing. After this pause to drink up nutrients like a tree planted in good soil, we will work again. But, for now, we rest and give thanks.

2 Responses to Friday Rest

    • Heh. It turns out I’ve finished it, and I finished the lullaby/piano piece combo, too, just in time for a recording session that’ll be happening on Tuesday (yay for musically talented friends!). If that goes well, I’ll get the polished version of Adren’s Theme, Nadin’s Theme, Bahtar’s Theme (the lullaby/piano piece), and Adren Learns How to Be Happy (actual title possibly still pending) all recorded then. Maybe I’ll get Rina’s theme done in time, too, but that one’s been presenting difficulties. The beginning and the end are good, but the middle is mush. I have no idea what I’m doing there. Oh well. It’ll sort itself out soon enough.

      Obviously, I really do want this White Changeling soundtrack to be a thing. I mean, just after writing that sentence, I figured out the next song I want to write for it! :D *scurries off to write out more ideas*