Happy Canada Day!

Today, Canadians all around the globe will be celebrating the birth of our country by looking at the calendar and saying “Huh, right, that’s today.”

Outside of Canada, if we’re really patriotic (or homesick, more likely), we’ll host a party for their friends. These will consist mostly of maple leaf decor and thinking about all the things we miss about our wonderful country.

In Canada, today is a statutory holiday, so most of us will be off work. And, as is customary for such days, we will then go to the movie theatre with friends and/or family to watch the latest import from Hollywood. In the evenings we will watch the fireworks in whatever fashion is most convenient for us. Or not, and pretend we did.

All in all, we stick proudly to our country’s unofficial motto: “As Canadian as possible, under the circumstances.”

So happy Canada Day, everyone! May your day be filled with celebrations of all things beavers, maple syrup, and politeness, and may you never say you’ve been to Canada without trying the poutine.

And, if you’re not Canadian, we would like to remind you that we are entirely amenable to you maintaining multiple citizenships should you wish to ally yourself with the True North, Strong and Free.


Also, definitely keep an eye out for tomorrow’s blog post. I haven’t entirely decided what I’ll share from the stories I’m currently working on, but I’ve got a few ideas.

The one I’m leaning towards is the brand-new beginning I wrote for Hidden in Sealskin. If you read Dreaming of Her and Other Stories, then you’ve already read what was originally going to be the first chapter. That part’s still going to be in the book and everything. Just… not at the beginning. Turns out, Adren had something rather interesting happen to her a few years prior that I think will go a long way towards explaining why she is the way she is now. But, anyways. Stay tuned. :)

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