Hidden in Sealskin Is Now Here, So Let’s Celebrate!

HiddenInSealskin_Final_1000This is it: Release day for Hidden in Sealskin.

Which means we’re going to celebrate. For a week. :D

And this is how:

Bonus #1: The Sale

The normal ebook price of Hidden in Sealskin will be $3.99 USD.

The normal paperback price will be $13.95 USD.

But that’s not going to be how it works from now until Sept 28th (next Monday). For the next seven days, both prices will be lower. To wit:

  • Ebook: $2.99 (both USD and CAD)
  • Paperback: $10.99 (USD online, CAD at the Edmonton Expo)

Which is all fine and dandy if all you want is the ebook. But let’s say you want both, or just the paperback. Or you want to use the paperback as a lending copy, or give it to a friend.

Bonus #2: The Coupon

If you buy the ebook first, then send me your receipt via the contact form on this site by September 28th, I will send you back a coupon for $3.99 off the paperback on the Createspace store.

This coupon can be used any time, but the best time will be now, before the sale ends. Because sales.

What if you want to get the Hidden in Sealskin paperback at the Edmonton Expo? Show me your receipt when you stop by and I’ll apply the coupon when you get your (signed!) copy there.

Bonus #3: The Tree Remembers

At last year’s Edmonton Expo, everyone who came to my booth had the opportunity to get a special first look at The Tree Remembers, one of the stories for a forthcoming anthology. And, by first look, I mean they got the whole, 11,000-word story. Which is about:

A young not-quite-human woman, Minerva, is pulled back home to confront the people she hurt when she left, her origins, and what she must do now that everything’s changed.

Send me your receipt for the ebook or paperback of Hidden in Sealskin, and you’ll get a special edition of The Tree Remembers, with a new cover, some tweaks to the text, and an author’s note.

Like the coupon, this special edition of The Tree Remembers (worth $1.99) will only be available until Sept 28th.

How to Get ALL The Bonuses

All online

  1. Get the ebook
  2. Send me your receipt via contact form by Sept 28th
  3. I will send you: a) your unique code, b) the link where it works, and c) your free copy of The Tree Remembers
  4. Use the code by Sept 28th to get the paperback
  5. Read and enjoy!

Total value: $19.93 USD or $26.39 CAD
Total gain: both the ebook and paperback of Hidden in Sealskin, plus the special edition ebook of The Tree Remembers.
You pay: $9.99 USD or $12.26 CAD

At the Edmonton Expo

  1. Get the ebook online
  2. Find me at booth C3 (in the artists alley)
  3. Show me your ebook receipt + give me your email address
  4. Get the (signed!) paperback
  5. I will send you your free copy of The Tree Remembers
  6. Read and enjoy!

Total value: $26.39 CAD
Total gain: the ebook and signed paperback of Hidden in Sealskin, the special edition ebook of The Tree Remembers, plus a chance to meet and chat with yours truly!
You pay: $9.99 CAD

So, since this celebration only lasts so long…

Go Forth And Prosper

Without further ado, I present to you my third book and first novel, Hidden in Sealskin.

Join Adren, our snarky outlaw protagonist, as she fights to get a cure for her insane unicorn and tries to work with Nadin, an awkward teenage boy, to steal a sealskin that has far more to it than anyone’s telling.

As you dig in, may it bring you joy.

Hidden in Sealskin Launch Day Graphic (with link to Amazon page)

What Do You Do After You Have Your Copy?

Tell all your friends, of course. :) Let’s make our excitement contagious. :D

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