The Hogwarts Houses of Some of My Characters

After reading a fun Buzzfeed post wherein YA authors sorted their characters into Hogwarts houses, I decided to do the same thing. So there. Click on the images to see larger versions. :)

From The Illuminated Heart

The Winds (from left to right: East, West, South, North):

The Winds (colour) copy 2

Dagný and Finnr. Well, Dagný and Finnr’s big polar bear nose:

Dagny & Finnr (colour) copy

From Hidden in Sealskin

The book isn’t out yet, so here’s just a little teaser, featuring Adren and Nadin, the two main characters:

Adren & Nadin (colour) copy

No, Nadin, Adren does not appreciate your hugs.

Digital Downloads and Wallpapers

Later this week, each of these will be available as high-quality digital download, and Dagný and Finnr making faces will be available as a desktop wallpaper for Patreon members who pledge $5 or more. In addition, patrons who pledge $25 or more can get one of these as a poster, shipped in December.

If enough people are interested, I’ll also make a non-silly wallpaper in this vein of Kaj (Dagný’s brother), both alive and dead. He just wouldn’t cooperate and be funny, so he wasn’t included in this post. :P

But, yes. I am a serious author of serious things.


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