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How to Step Away From a Life of Fear



Anticipates only bad (punishment).
Wants distance.
Blocks off.
Is paranoid.
Treats isolation as a matter of course.
Hides from others.
Sees only the danger in them.[/one_half]



Anticipates only good (benefit)
Wants closeness
Opens up
Is trusting
Treats intimacy as a matter of course
Welcomes others
Sees only the value in them[/one_half_last]


Just as where light shines there is no darkness, where love shines there is no fear.

Choosing not to fear is as simple as flipping a switch.

It may be the hardest decision you’ve ever made.

You may fail a lot while you learn to live it right.

But it’s the best choice you could ever make. I know it’s the best one I ever did.

Let’s turn on the light.

2 Responses to How to Step Away From a Life of Fear

  1. Let’s!!!

    True I get tripped up as I am learning.

    Fear can be very sneaky …
    Masquerading in many costumes.

    There are certain activities, it doesn’t want me to do. And it can even convince me I don’t really want to do them, or even though I really do. Or that I’m too tired to do them.

    I used to have parents who helped make me do what I wanted to do, but they have passed on, so I will need God’s help.

    Fear doesn’t want me to learn WordPress and concentrate on the class I invested in several weeks ago.

    Sometimes it shows up as panic that is actually good, because when it is evidently fear, I am drawn to pray intensively…that is the only way that the light goes on, the Love showing itself as a Guardian, a light and breath coming easy and good focus and flow happening.

    When it shows up as excitement, say, and I’m filled with lots of ideas, and can seem like fun, it is trickier, especially when it wakes me up in the night and prevents me from having a good night’s sleep.

    Getting some good ideas from books about this, becoming expert about concepts relating to fear will not help me fulfill my goals.

    Some tactics I will need:

    for when the light switch is not apparent.

    to be very alert to it’s guises … For example, fear can make me feel sleepy or hungry or distracted from focusing …

    Makes me think of where it says one must pray unceasingly…

    • Praying definitely works, especially when you focus on experiencing the fullness of God’s love (unconditional value) for you. In the areas that it becomes your reality, and to the degree that it becomes your reality, fear will be cast out.

      It really is as simple as letting God love us. :)