How You Can Help a 17-Year-Old Dream Become Reality (Introducing My Patreon Page)

On the New Year, I set several goals for 2015. Due to the rearrangement of priorities, none of the dates on there are accurate, but the projects most certainly are.

Yesterday was the grad ceremony:


Today is the Patreon page.

Why Patreon?

When I was in grade one, I wrote my first story about a skunk who wants to become friends with a moose, but the moose thinks the whole idea is nonsense.

Some months later, I was crying in class. My teacher, concerned for my happiness, gave me a book and informed me that my story was inside. It took a few repetitions, but I finally understood. Unbeknownst to me, she had submitted the story into the school district anthology, and it had got in! I stared at my words in print, the cause of my sorrows forgotten, happy despite the typo (which I corrected later with emphatic pencilling). The idea of publication came much later, but that was the moment I realized I could write. And that I loved it.

Patreon allows you to support creators in creating the stuff they love. There are musicians there, artists, writers, comic creators… you name it, they’re there. By signing up to support them either per creation or per month (depending on what they set it at), you become a patron of the arts, a supporter of passion.

Not only that, but you can receive neat rewards, like ebooks, paperbacks, songs, and exclusive behind-the-scenes content. You will become a part of the creative process and enjoy the fruits of dedicated joy.

That anthology with my story “The Skunk and the Moose” still stands on my bookshelf.

On my Patreon page, you’ll see that the first milestone goal is $50. When – not if, but when – we reach that goal, I will scan that story, typo correction and all, and give it to you as a thank you. You are making possible the dream that took root in the heart of a six-year-old and has never faded since. Seeing your help make become a reality brings tears to my eyes and a song to my lips.

Come, and let us dream together with our eyes wide open.

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