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In Which Thea is Obsessed with Pretty Covers (Among Other Things): A Guest Post for D J Mills

This week, I share my indie publishing origin story over on D J Mills’s blog. Discover the real reason I went with self-publishing, get a special code for an assessment on how you fascinate others, and finally find out who’s doing the cover for Hidden in Sealskin (hint: it’s not me). Not to mention learn about some really cool authors and software in the process. Go forth, and prosper:

How One Indie Author Got Started

*returns to rocking out to Owl City whilst eating a burrito*

4-UP Burrito Dancing

2 Responses to In Which Thea is Obsessed with Pretty Covers (Among Other Things): A Guest Post for D J Mills

  1. How one Indie Author got started – read your interview – wow! I wrote: Many thanks to D. J. Mills and Thea van Diepen – what a treasure trove of knowledge! I am teetering on the precipice of Indie publishing – clearly i need to create a website. I’m inspired.

    • You’re welcome!

      A blog you might find helpful is Catherine Ryan Howard. I forgot to mention her in the interview, but she gives advice on indie publishing and I keep coming across her posts whenever I look up something on that subject. Here’s the link to her self-publishing stuff:

      In terms of a website, I use the paid version of WordPress (you don’t pay for WordPress itself, just the space to put it and your custom URL), and it’s self-hosted (which means I pay for all of these things through a different company than WordPress, and then installed the website software onto that company’s servers). There’s a lot of info about WordPress that’s easily found through Google, but if you ever need help, feel free to ask me. And, as I’ve noticed you’re on Holly Lisle’s forums now, you’ll definitely be able to get help on there if you ask. Lots of us there use WordPress. :)