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Video Games

Game in progress: Star Light, Star Bright

The Game
After waking to find herself on a glacier and under attack by shadow beings, a young woman must use her new powers to learn what happened and get back home.

I and a team of five others (with the help of an executive producer) made Star Light, Star Bright for a university course, using the Neverwinter Nights game engine. It was completed in early December 2014 and, after some polishing, will be available for download by the end of this year.* More information to come. :)

The Team
Executive Producer
Jaclynn Wong

Derek Androschuk

Lead Designer/Writer
Thea van Diepen

Art Lead
Chenxin “Nico” Zhou

Boyan Peychoff
Lara Reyes
Antonio Luis Cardosa Silva

*Please note: In order to play this game when it is available, you will have to purchase Neverwinter Nights, as there is no legal way I can offer that as a free download.


Game in Planning: The Thing in the Dark (working title)

The Game
A student locked in a library at night during a blizzard with the power out tries to get the power going… and survive the unseen thing trying to stop them.

It will be a 2D platformer, there will be puzzles, there will be the cold and the dark. There will be secrets.

Are you ready to face them?

The Team
Lead Designer/Writer/Possibly Other Things
Thea van Diepen

Programmer/Composer/The Rest of the Things
Karim Benyagoub