News, and Perhaps Some Humour. I’m in a Mood

I have three pieces of news for all y’all:

  1. I’ve got a brand new guest post on Puttylike! About specializing without actually specializing! Exclamation marks!!!
  2. Expected Aberrations is going to be getting a total makeover in the somewhat near future.
  3. Edward is a vampire.

I’m so sorry. I did that earlier this morning to the people who get my Backstage Passes emails, and it’s still funny.

And then I made it awesome, but here I’m just inflicting you with my giggles.


But, about that second one.

I’m not joking. This whole site is going to go through serious renovations and that is because, while it has served me well for the time it has existed, it’s now time to make like a snake and shed.

Some people call this rebranding.

I call this shedding.

Because I’m classy like that.

Ok, seriously. I did warn you I was in a Mood. :P

That said, while I’m not going to give you a whole ton of information up front (because I’m still in the early stages of everything), I will tell you that the name of this site, as well as the tagline, are going to be completely different. For those of you who’ve gotten used to the name Expected Aberrations and who love it, I want to tell you that, yes, I love it, too. But its time is over. All good things must come to an end if we are to make way for better things in their place.

So, farewell, Expected Aberrations. You won’t be leaving right away, so this is a little like reading your own obituary, but your passage will happen, and I want to honour that. Thank you for being what I needed for as long as I needed it. And thank you for reminding me that worse with repeated letters have this uncanny ability to get spelled wrong even by the most experience of spelling nerds.


As to the new name and tagline, I do have those figured out. Wanna know what they are? Of course you do. Here you go:



The Un-Clique

Who said outsiders have to be lonely?


Ta-dah! :D

Now, why not go read that new guest post of mine, and we’ll pretend that whole Edward thing never happened.

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