No Matter What Happens, I’ll Be Okay in the End

A video review
I never imagined
anyone would make
a video review
of my book
any of my books

And the reviews that come in

I know that the time will come
when the people who don’t like my work
will find it
and say so
It’s a day that will come
and I accept it
(although I imagine it will be difficult
to adjust when it does)
but for now
it’s like when I was a kid
and no one had ever insulted me
or lied to me
and I didn’t know what depression was yet
or suicide
and no one I knew had ever died
when the saddest thing that had ever happened
was when we gave up our cat
because we thought my brother was allergic
and my mom definitely was
and I cried by the car as he was taken away
our cat who slept most of the day and didn’t like to play when I wanted to
but he was our cat
It was sad, but not the worst one can experience
not the worst I’ve experienced
Still, it’s like I’m a child
and the world is new
new things are beautiful automagically
and I’ve been through the shadow of death
and the world is still beautiful
so I have the feeling
that when the people come
who were never going to like my work anyways
and tell everyone how awful it is
and/or tell everyone how awful I am
or tell me that
the world will still be beautiful
and right now I have a video review to watch
and enjoy
and know that
no matter what happens
I’ve written something that matters
and that will only continue
that will only grow.


Post-Poem Note:

For those who are curious, the video review in question is for The Illuminated Heart.

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