Stories on the edge of familiarity

Can We Become Foreigners in the Stories We Create?

When writers write, we invariably include our perspective into what we create. This can be a good thing when done in service of the story, but, when overdone, it becomes preaching. Or, if only just overdone, undermines the integrity of the world and characters we create. During my gap year, I read Talyn by Holly Lisle.… Continue Reading

The Kitten Psychologist and What the Kitten Did

(Just jumping in now? Read the previous installment, The Kitten Psychologist Tries to Be Patient via Email, or start at the beginning with The Kitten Psychologist.) Wednesday arrived, and 2:55pm found me in my office, sweating. I’ve really got to turn the heat down in this place. Oh. It is down. Well, crap. I’d cancelled my other… Continue Reading

We Are the Sound History Makes

We are living what will be known in the future as history. Us, with all our secret struggles and secret fears. With all our hopes, all our dreams for the future, all for us. All the selfish things we want even as we’re afraid of the world ending around us, afraid that working to get… Continue Reading

The Meaning of Life is Potato Waffles

Sarah Bates and I have determined that the creating and eating of potato waffles is the meaning of life. It works like this: Potato waffles are excellent and having them 24/7 would result both in being fed and general happiness. Since they are so happy-making, you could also have friends over to eat them with you,… Continue Reading