Stories on the edge of familiarity

We Are the Sound History Makes

We are living what will be known in the future as history. Us, with all our secret struggles and secret fears. With all our hopes, all our dreams for the future, all for us. All the selfish things we want even as we’re afraid of the world ending around us, afraid that working to get… Continue Reading

The Meaning of Life is Potato Waffles

Sarah Bates and I have determined that the creating and eating of potato waffles is the meaning of life. It works like this: Potato waffles are excellent and having them 24/7 would result both in being fed and general happiness. Since they are so happy-making, you could also have friends over to eat them with you,… Continue Reading

Of Course There’s a Fairy Prank (a Hunter and Prey excerpt)

In celebration of the first draft reaching 50,000 words—I won NaNoWriMo! Although I haven’t finished writing the book yet… xD—here’s an excerpt (everything is subject to change, as this is a first draft): Laehem hadn’t finished setting up by the time Adren arrived. She supposed that made sense; she had come there earlier than she’d meant to.… Continue Reading

The Peace of the Gods (a Hunter and Prey excerpt)

In celebration of the first draft reaching 40,000 words—so close to 50k, omg—here’s an excerpt, a story Nadin reads in a fairy library (everything is subject to change, as this is a first draft): Under the maelstrom sky, a pond. Beneath that pond, a wellspring. Around that pond, the forest. The heads of the trees… Continue Reading