Plunged Ashore is Now Out!

It’s here! Plunged Ashore is now available for purchase!

*happy dance*

Here’s all the info:

Plunged Ashore

Isolated in a forest pool and unable to walk on land, a water being longs to end her loneliness. When one of the humans who visits the pool, Evelyn, drowns, the being discovers that she and Evelyn have the same face. And gains a human body of her own.

Taking the situation as an opportunity, the being feigns amnesia and tries to slip into Evelyn’s life. But the obstacles are as many as the joys: family, boyfriend, the use of her new legs, and the water itself.

The biggest obstacle, though, is Evelyn herself. After a lifetime on the outside, is it really possible to live as one born on the inside?

And can that inside truly be considered home?

Genre: Contemporary Fantasy
Cover artist: BetiBup33

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