Poetry Commissions

Get a 7-12 line poem written for you or someone you love!

What you do: tell me 3 things you would like the poem to be about or include

What I do: write a poem about 1-3 of those things and send you the final poem as a pretty pdf* :)

All for $50 a poem!

*Let me know if you or the intended recipient of the poem have any visual accessibility needs, as I do my best to accommodate for those, but there may be considerations I’m unaware of and would be happy to learn more about.

Poems Others Have Commissioned

A Llama and His Gnat
written for Piper Bates
prompts: llamas, art, ukuleles

I had a llama once
That talked about a gnat
“A gnat?” I asked. “Where?”
It was on his back

I had a llama once
With a back he couldn’t scratch
“Oh dear,” I said. “Here?”
“Yes, please,” he said. “Like that.”

Where I Once Lived
written for myself
prompt: Japan

It had occurred to me
That I would one day leave
But I forgot
I never really left

You are still inside of me
A home I could never forget
Tell me, would you miss me
if I never came back?
Tell me, would you miss me?

I could never forget

Things People Have Said Upon Receiving Their Poems

"Friggin Genius."
"Perfection. Absolute perfection. Thank you!!!"

Frequently Asked Queries

Email me before requesting a commission and tell me what you’ve got, and we’ll see if it’ll work!

The reason I ask for three things is because my brain is occasionally like a cat: herding it is impossible once it decides on a different direction than the one I want. Therefore, I ask for three things to ensure that you will get a poem about at least one of them.

This is unlikely to happen, but if it does, I’ll email you and let you know.

There’s a possibility that, if we chat a little about what you’re wanting, things will click and I’ll be able to write your poem. But if, for whatever reason, I find I’m not able to write a poem about what you want, I’ll refund you in full.

You can always commission a poem for someone in your life who’d like poetry. I’m sure they’d appreciate the gift 😊 And if you want the poem sent directly to them, be sure to give me the email for that when you first request the commission.

So, what are you waiting for?