Psalm 46 (a spoken word poem)

Note before you start: If you’re thinking of skipping out on the video, don’t. This is meant to be heard aloud, and the words below can only capture a small part of this poem’s full beauty. So go listen to it.


Nightmares pluck at my hair, my clothes, my skin, leering
Their words are madness and they drown out my hearing
They drown out my sight
My mind is black with their blight
They say, about my freedom, they care
But their claws draw blood, their
teeth are piercing me and I am coming undone
So to you I run
And you envelop me,
me with my wild hair and clothes torn to rags and you envelop me
This is my refuge
But I can’t stay; the world is calling me out to hear its stories and let the poison seep into my brain
Until I come again
To that same stumbling stone
And fall again, bloody knees and raw palms, alone
With the carrion eaters
The crows and the jackals, like preachers
Of a very specific kind of hatred
Here I am, once more in blood
I am surrounded, but you sweep in around me and your voice in my ear
is the saddest sound I could ever hear
as you say “my love”
To me, the ravages of sin revealed
And, by your tears, I am healed.

You say a wise man may fall sevenfold but, eight times, will rise
That is because you have given him new eyes.

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