Ready for Release Day? The Tree and the Grave Comes out Tomorrow!

The Tree and the Grave comes out tomorrow.

(Have you preordered it yet? It’s on and Gumroad.)

In honour of that, here’s some trivia about the game:

  1. The Tree and the Grave is based off a dream I had as a teenager. It was one of those dreams where you wake up before it’s finished, and I made this game to find out how it ends.
  2. I originally wanted to have green in the logo (because trees), but couldn’t find a shade that would look good. When the time came to finalize the look of the game, I had a colour palette tool I didn’t have before, and spent two hours finding the perfect shade, which you can now see in the demo and will see in the final game.
  3. The Moana soundtrack became what I listened to exclusively while working on The Tree and the Grave. Partly because it brought up all the right feels and partly because when I tried to listen to anything else I couldn’t focus enough to get anything done xD
  4. The magic system is based entirely around unbroken shapes, shown in circles for short hand. All the varying circle shapes in the background of the game (and the image at the top of this post) represent specific actions/reactions in this system. I wonder what happens when you put them in sequence…

Preorder The Tree and the Grave on or Gumroad.
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