The Final Kitten Psychologist Book is Out Today!

The Kitten Psychologist and the Kitten Reach a Conclusion comes out today! If you’ve preordered it, you’ll already have the ebook, and/or the print book will be on its way to you! If you haven’t, get on that ;) 

I honestly never expected this series to be picked up by a publisher in any way- as I said in my last email, I’d written it as a silly way to help myself get out of a decidely un-silly predicament. As it turns out, I was approached by two people wanting to include it as part of a regular publication of short stories! One of them was Amy Laurens of Inkprint Press, who made all the covers for this series and the rest of the Inklets, and who illustrated each of the Kitten Psychologist stories.

She put in an incredible amount of work in a very short period of time to get the 24 Inklets proofed, formatted for ebook and paperback, dressed in all their lovely covers, and made available for sale on the day of their release. Not to mention illustrating most of the stories and more I’m not even aware of!

So, if you have a chance, head over to the Inkprint Press site contact page, and tell her how fantastic she is. Because she is a truly wonderful human being and the Kitten Psychologist series wouldn’t be in publication without her.

And, from me to you, Amy: thank you. You are incredibly kind and dedicated, and working with you has been such a good experience.

May you always find success.

In case you need the link again, get the final Kitten Psychologist book here. 

And, if you’re missing any books in the series, find them all here.

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