The Importance of Cats and Writing What You Know (Part 1)

One of the most beneficial pieces of writing advice I’ve ever received is this: “Write what you know.” Its reminder and encouragement have both kept me–

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Ah. I see the problem. You’re just not looking at the situation correctly.

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Imagine that it’s not, for just a little. Indulge me here. And then read the bottom of your boring knowledge-ball for me okay?

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To be continued… (muahaha!)


On May 3rd (that’s in, like, less than two days), I’ll be starting up webcomic called Kara the Brave. It’ll be going up in various places, like Tumblr and Bored Kid Comics, and there’s a Facebook page coming soon for all you Facebook addicts. Possibly also a Twitter profile. I’ll… let you know. But, anyways:

Kara is a ten-year-old girl who thinks she would totally rock at being a hero. She might be wrong about that…

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