The Importance of Cats and Writing What You Know (Part 3 of 3)

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Well, if you feed Catstein, take it out to play, give it water, all that, it’ll grow bigger and stronger. Then it’ll be able to build you a bigger stool, or even a ladder. Or it could build you a rocket pack. Could you imagine how hard it would be to pick that fruit if you didn’t have Catstein here to help you?

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But there’s something even more important than Catstein. Sure, there’s always going to be things in a story that you don’t know about directly. I mean, that’s a pretty tiny stool, but it can still help you reach the fruit when you fill the space between your knowledge and your ideas with the one thing that makes this all work.

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You. Your heart.  Your soul. That thing that tells you which fruit to reach for and how to grab it. That thing that can’t be taught that, as you plant the seeds, water them, and tend the tree as it grow, allows you to love it. Allows you to make it shine, to teach others a little more about what it means to live. And, before long, you’ll discover something really cool: There isn’t only one tree of rad ideas. There’s a whole world full of them, ripe and waiting for you to learn how to harvest them.

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Kara the Brave is now on Pinterest and deviantART! And, with the third strip coming online this Saturday (I did mention that the comic updates every Saturday, right? Because it does), and with this being the final part of this blog series, and mostly just because it seems rather appropriate to finish this launching of Kara into the web, I’ll give you the link again to the Bored Kid Comics website. Go Kara go! :)

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