The Meaning of Life is Potato Waffles

Piper Bates and I have determined that the creating and eating of potato waffles is the meaning of life. It works like this:

Potato waffles are excellent and having them 24/7 would result both in being fed and general happiness. Since they are so happy-making, you could also have friends over to eat them with you, thus allowing you to have a social life without leaving the house. And, as we all know, potato waffles + social life + never leaving the house = the best idea ever.

Potato waffles by themselves, however, aren’t the answer. Clearly, you also need people to make and eat them, or their purpose is null and void, so the answer comes in two parts: potato waffles and person.

If you take the numerical value of all the doubled letters in potato waffles and add them together, you get 20+15+6, which equals 41. Add 1 for the person and you complete the equation, which gives you 42.

Now, as we know from The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, the meaning of life is 42. Thus, potato waffles by themselves are almost the meaning of life but, with people, they become the meaning of life.


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May your potato waffles—and the people to eat them with—always be abundant.

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