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Today is a Good Day

Today is a Good Day

I finished the beta version of The Tree and the Grave (my Twine game which I’ve been tweeting about as I work on it) today and sent it to the proofers.

55h 53min of work, starting on April 26th and ending today.
146 save files.
11 graphics, including 3 wallpapers, a logo, an icon, and an illustration.
An uncounted number of hairs pulled and scabs picked in frustration.
An uncountable amount of love in my heart for this story that’s been waiting to be told since I first dreamt it an unremembered number of years ago (although I wouldn’t be surprised if that number was 10).
I always wanted to find out what happened to the girl in that dream, and now I have.
Soon, everyone else will be able to find out, too.
Today is a good day.

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