The Unofficial Chapter Titles of Hidden in Sealskin

Because I’m not supposed to be working on editing Hidden in Sealskin until next month, and because today’s my day off, I did some editing of Hidden today. Also because logic, which I apparently have in spades.

While editing (aka, just breaking down the original manuscript into scenes), it occurred to me that these first draft chapters needed titles. Not official titles that will end up in the book. That’s not a thing that will be happening. What they really need is unofficial titles. Like, the honest movie trailers version of chapter titles. Titles that sum up my reactions to each chapter now that I’m finally reading them objectively. Them things.

Said Chapter Titles

  1. Adren Hates Everyone
  2. Nadin. Just. Fricking Nadin
  3. No Chapter Needs to Be 9,000 Words. I Don’t Care How Big This Mansion Is
  4. Adren Sulks. Eventually, This Happens in an Attic
  5. Breaking and Entering, Adren and Nadin Style
  6. 1,900 Words is Too Short, Even With an Epiphany of That Magnitude
  7. How to Rip Out Thea’s Heart in Two Words of Dialogue
  8. Effing Magic
  9. Adren Has Terrible Navigational Skills. Also, a Kidnapping
  10. More Sulking
  11. Negotiations Go Sour
  12. Aggressive Negotiations With Bonus Heartbreak
  13. Adren Is a Total Sweetheart With the Unicorn and You Can’t Convince Me Otherwise
  14. Yet Another Way to Make Thea Bawl Like a Baby, and Then Adren Explodes (More or Less Literally)
  15. Between a Rock and a Rock
  16. Adren to Nadin: “I Told You It Was a Trap”
  17. Yay, Teamwork! Warm Fuzzies! Deep Dark Secrets No One’s Sharing With Each Other! Wait, What

Prologue and Stuff

Oh, there’s also going to be a prologue to this book. Its unofficial title is “Why Adren Hates Everyone”. It’s also super important for Hidden and will also be extremely important in the third book (which will also have something to do with a werewolf). So don’t skip it. Don’t be that guy. Prologues are important. *narrows eyes* *waggles finger* *sets up hidden cameras in your home*

Also, in case you couldn’t tell, the chapter breaks are going to be different in the final novel (I’m looking at you, chapters 3 and 6), so I’ll probably post a helpful conversion chart between the two or something. Maybe I’ll make unofficial titles for the final chapters. Who knows? If I do, I promise they will be just as uninformative about everything as these are.

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