Wanna Test the Pronunciation Guide for Hunter and Prey?

Would you be interested in testing the pronunciation guide?

If so, continue.

If not and you just want to know what I sound like as a hell demon, skip to the bottom.

The Tragic Backstory

I’m thinking of putting a “how to pronounce things” into Hunter and Prey because, guys, the names. All of the names. Also because people keep pronouncing Adren’s name wrong and I didn’t expect that (I mean, I do now, but hindsight’s 20/20).

The nice thing about these names is that I made them all with consistent spelling, unlike English, so I can theoretically give you a guide to the sounds and you’ll be able to pronounce everything based on that.

Note the theoretically.

So, first I’ll give you the guide and then I’ll tell you how to test it (it’s super easy if your computer/similar device has a mic).

The Pronunciation Guide

a = at
e = wet
i = it
o = oh
ae = hay
ee = hee
oi = oil

‘H’ at the end of the word, after a vowel, is pronounced like ‘h’. But at the end of the word.

The ‘j’ at the end of “Watorej” is pronounced like the ‘ge’ in mirage or rouge.

Everything else with regards to consonants are what you’d expect in English.

Syllable stress:

For two-syllable words, put the stress on the first syllable.

For three-syllable words, it’s on the second syllable.

The only exception to this is if there’s an “ae” sound- that syllable always gets the stress.

How to Test (If You’re So Inclined)

1. Go to Voice Spice and record yourself saying the following names:


2. Comment with the link to your recording.
3. Listen to mine, if you want to see how yours compares.
4. Optional: tell me if there are any names from Hidden in Sealskin and Like Mist Over the Eyes not listed here that you
weren’t sure about.

And now, as promised, here is hell demon me explaining how to climb stairs in the dark.

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