World Tour, Day 10: I Got to Hold a Praying Mantis for the First Time Ever!

Praying mantises are my favourite insect but, before today, I’d never held one before. Before coming to California, I’d never even seen one outside of books and the internet. A day or so ago, I’d seen one on a tree, but it ran off when Teddi tried to herd it down so I could see it closer.

Today, though, there was one on the screen door by the kitchen and it was the most chill insect I’ve ever seen.

praying manits on a screen door

Teddi and I both were about to eat but, when we saw the mantis, we dropped everything for an impromptu photoshoot. After Teddi brought it down from the door so we could get a better look.


And I got to hold it.



Teddi took those pictures. I was too happy to think of taking any pictures of a praying mantis ACTUALLY ON MY HAND, and this was better, anyways, because she got my face :D

I’m so used to insects that freak out or try to climb up all the everywheres to get away from this strange not-plant they’ve found themselves on. Ladybugs, which are pretty chill with people, still have nothing on a praying mantis. Ladybugs, after all, are not an apex predator.


On an entirely unrelated note: I also had chicken and waffles for the first time today at a restaurant. Well, chicken and waffle. A huge waffle. Much as I know that US restaurant portion sizes are larger than in Canada, I keep forgetting exactly how much larger.

As to the taste: savoury and sweet. Like the US version of fish chips and custard :D I’d have it again.

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