World Tour, Day 13: River and Toy Photography

Teddi took me to Bear River today for photography and general enjoyment purposes.


She does toy photography on Instagram, so we staged a fun photoshoot with her action figures and my Vegemite:


Turns out, my Vegemite is secretly a Sith lord.


This is what Teddi looks like while taking her photos:


I took a number of meh photos of the river. This one has promise:


Out of all the meh photos, though, I did take one that I think is good. It grabs me for some reason, and makes my stomach clench. It’s not the river, but that’s okay.


Teddi and I completely forgot to take a picture of the two of us (sadness!), but she did get a photo of ours and her kid’s shadows at Apple Hill, so I will have to count that instead:


Her kids are the two on the left, then it’s her and me :)

We also finished up the first season of Supergirl today. Yesterday, we marathoned most of it with her sister and her sister’s kids and they LOVED the crossover episode with the Flash. The moment he appeared on screen, everyone went nuts. We were going to watch the first episode of season 2 today, but it doesn’t stream until tomorrow, so we’ll have to see it separately as today marked my last day visiting Teddi.

Before she drove me to my oldest brother’s place out by Nevada City, we stopped at an In N Out place for a burger. I mention this because Ginny Owens, one of my favourite music artists since I was about eleven, loves In N Out burgers and has them every time she’s in California. I thought I’d see what the fuss was all about. Turns out, they’re pretty good, and the fries are awesome :D

I was sad to say goodbye to Teddi. We connect really well, and I wished I could have stayed longer. One day, in the future, we will see each other in person again. I know it. :)

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