World Tour, Day 263: How This Series is Ending, and How You’ll Help it Happen

The reason I started this blog series wasn’t because I was travelling.

The main reason was because I wanted my mom to know where I was and that I was safe and having fun (hai Mom!). BUT. Now she and I talk on Skype. So the main reason is moot.

The other reason was because I knew you’d like it. Which isn’t, in and of itself, a bad reason to do it. BUT:

I never actually asked myself if I’d want to do it without those reasons.

This is, pro tip, generally not a good way to decide on which long-term projects you’re going to undergo. Especially when you realize several months into it, that your answer to that question is no.

So, since I’m *mumble* days behind on this blog series, and since, despite everything, I’m going to finish what I started, I decided “Eh, screw it, I’m going to truncate everything.”

So here’s what I’m going to do to catch up:

I’m going to show you all the Vegemite pictures in the next post (next Thursday, June 22nd) and give a little paragraph about what happened in that location.

And here’s what you’re going to do:

Tell me which place you most want to hear more about. You can do this in the comments on this site, on Facebook, on Twitter, or through email (my contact page is good for that).

After that, I will:

At midnight, June 27th, MST, I will tally up all the votes and I’ll announce the top three choices. I will then, over the next four weeks, write a full-length blog post on each of these locations. (I’ll be skipping the week of July 3rd, because vacation.)

Once caught up, here’s how I’m ending the series:

THEN, I’ll put up a special post about something funny that I did while in England that continued on into Seoul (and possibly in Hong Kong, depending on what I find there when I’m on vacation).

This will mark a temporary break in this travel blog until my last week in Japan. I may post other things during that break. I may not. I haven’t decided yet.

In my last week in Japan, I’ll put up my post about Japan. Considering how long I’ve been here, it only makes sense that Japan would get a post. The blog will then go on a complete break, barring an Edmonton Expo post, as I will be on my back-to-Canada vacation.

In the last week of September, after I’m back, no longer jet-lagged, and finished with the Edmonton Expo, I’ll publish my last World Tour post on the experience as a whole. Joshua Pantalleresco will also be interviewing me on his podcast that month, which will go nicely with the interview he did before I left. It may not go up for a month or so afterwards, but I’ll let you know when it does.

And that will be that.

Which means that, next week, you’ll be voting.

If you already have an idea of which part of my trip you most want to hear about, please sit on it until next Thursday’s Grand Vegemite Post in case you change your mind after you read it (it will also make it easier for me to count all the votes).

Remember, you’ll only have 5 days in which to vote.

Make it count :)

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